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first season

1) Pilot

Winston tracks a housewife, who is a fugitive from 1970. Although he quickly captures her, in the end he lets her escape.

Guest stars: Michael Brandon as Barry Sinclair, Laura Johnson as Mrs. Sinclair - formerly Susan Tuttle, William Russ as Loyal Truscott, Molly Parker as Teri Sinclair, Don S Davis as Sheriff Tiger Larkin

Family factor: The last scene shows Winston arriving home. Through the window, we see him hug his daughters and wife.

2) Grab the Money and Run!

The Marshals arrange to invite numerous, non-violent fugitives to a fake game show called “Grab the Money and Run.” However, two of the fugitives and their young son escape before the mass bust occurs.

Family factor: From the game show set, Winston calls his daughters to break their afternoon date and ask the sitter, Jaime, to stay longer. The next day, he calls his daughters again. We hear him ask one what she had for lunch and, then, that she should tell her sister not to do that. The last scene shows Sally arriving home at night to find Winston and the girls all asleep on the sofa.Note: Winston tells Justin (the fugitives’ son) that his dad works in a mill and that his mom is a housewife. This contradicts what we learn when his father appears in season two.

3) The Great Train Robbery

Winston tracks a naïve parole who’s hooked up with a stripper/robber who likes to kill.

Guest stars: Tom McBeath as Sheriff Wade, Elizabeth Ruscio as Sarah Steenburgen

Family factor: Winston is looking for a present for his daughter’s birthday (at the episode’s start he mentions her birthday is the day after tomorrow). The last scene shows him coming home with a puppy. He gets a half-eaten birthday cake out of the fridge and cuts himself a slice.Note: Patricia Harras is listed in the end credits even though she does not actually appear in the episode.

4) The Ballard of Lucas Burke

Winston tracks a bank robber who broke out of prison 4 years before and has been robbing banks for the past year-and-a-half.

Guest stars: Colin Cunningham as Speedy, Brent Stait as Fitch

Family factor: The final scene is of Winston reading “The Ugly Duckling” to his daughters.

5) Hit-Woman

Veronica Cole escapes from custody during her trial and holds MacBride hostage.

Guest stars: Kevin McNaulty as States Attorney Robert Steiner, Bill Dow as Deputy US Marshal Bill (no last name)

Family factor: This is the episode we finally learn Sally’s first name. The beginning scenes establish she and Winston have had some sort of disagreement and she is giving him the silent treatment as they return home from dinner with friends and, again in the morning, as they get the girls ready for school and themselves for work. The final scene is of them in bed sleeping.

6) Protection

MacBride and fellow Marshal Lester Villa–Lobos serve as part of the protection detail for a judge whose life has been threatened.

Family factor: none

7) Bounty Hunter

Hunter MacBride tracks an escaped killer while an elderly bounty hunter is after the same guy.

Family factor: Scenes with Sally and Winston in the kitchen bookend the episode. In the first he is drinking tea while she reads the paper. Their positions are reversed in the final scene.

8) Twoslip

Chasing an escaped prisoner through the woods in the rain, MacBride literally stumbles across the skeletal remains of a body.

Guest stars: Lisa Jane Persky as Felton

Family factor: Midway through the episode we see Winston playing with his daughters in the back yard.

9) Little Odessa

MacBride and Duval go undercover to capture a Russian maffia kingpin. His sons retaliate by abducting Marshal Duval.

Family factor: Miller Duvall invites Winston to a basketball game over the weekend, Winston says he can’t go because he has to re-seed his lawn and take his daughters to ballet lessons. When asked why Sally can’t take them, Winston replies he always takes his girls to ballet. The episode ends with Winston, the lone father in a group of mothers, watching his girls in ballet class.

10) Snow Orchid

Winston tracks a biochemist convicted of espionage when he escapes from prison after seventeen years.

Family factor: The first scene features Winston on the roof, as Sally works in the front yard with the girls.

11) Natural Law

Winston tracks a radical conservationist wanted for the murder of a forest ranger.

Family factor: From his motel room Winston tells his daughter there aren’t any monsters in her room because he talked to them all before he left. He then tells Sally to use the “magical mop” to sweep the room. The end scene has Winston, his leg in a cast due to a broken ankle, and Sally in the audience watching their daughters in a school program. From the end credits we learn the daughters names are Kristina and Carly, the same as the actresses who portray them. Their names are later listed as Katie and Molly.Note: This is the first episode in which Katie and Molly are featured in the credits.

12) Unprotected Witness

MacBride attempts to bring a made man in to testify against a mobster, but the “witness” turns out to be the real guy’s cousin.

Family factor: The last scene has Winston playing Marco Polo with his daughters in the backyard.Note: Patricia Harras is listed in the end credits even though she does not actually appear in the episode.

13) Rainbow Comix

MacBride tracks a Army major’s daughter. Her mother suspects her ex-husband kidnapped her, but, in truth, she ran away.

Guest stars: Gary Jones as accountant at meeting, Peter Williams as Nekoosa

Family factor: The last scene has Winston, dressed as a gorilla, bringing his daughter ice cream in her room.

second season

1) Buy Hard

Winston is in the backroom of a grocery store when a group of robbers take hostages.

Guest stars: Tom McBeath as Casey, Elizabeth Ruscio as Sarah Steenburgen

Family factor: Winston agrees to watch their friends two daughters while his wife is out of town. He only goes to the store to pick up a treat for the girls. The end scene has him in a tow truck arriving with his out of commision car, obviously late, but claiming everything is just fine.

2) The New Marshal

Winston takes his father along on what is supposed to be a simple prisoner transport assignment.

Guest stars: Robert Mitchum as Frank MacBride

Family factor: The family goes to the train station to pick up Winston’s father.Note: Sally speaks! (This is the first time we hear her talk.) We learn Winston’s parents are named Frank and Jane and that he has other brothers. In this episode, the end credits list the daughters names as Katie and Molly.

3) Heartbreak Kid

MacBride tracks a fugitive who escaped in 1981 when a series of false sightings are called in.

Guest stars: Bill Dow as Deputy US Marshal Bill (no last name)

Family factor: Winston tells Norma Jean Kendall he has two little girls. When talking about the fact that Norma has a tattoo, we learn the MacBride daughters are 6 and 8-years-old. Later, she asks if he’ll freak out if his girls start smoking and he says he will. The final scene has Winston coming home. His daughters come out of the house dressed as fairies and he gives them each a hug and a kiss.Note: The end credits of this episode are scrolling on black full screen (as with the first season episodes) rather than flashing on blue partial screen as with all other second season episodes.

4) Gone Fishing

Winston and Lester Villa –Lobos go fishing as part of his last weekend as a bachelor. Things go awry when Lester is shot.

Family factor: Discussing the fact that he will fish bit not hunt, Winston says the reason is that fish don’t have names like Bambi. Lester remarks his daughters have him brainwashed. Winston replies, “Maybe they do, maybe they don’t, they probably do.” Winston tells Lester how he met Sally. “About nine years ago I was chasing a guy across the Brooklyn Bridge on foot...”

5) Land of Opportunity

Winston protects a federal witness, who changes his mind about testifying when his girlfriend is kidnapped.

Guest stars: Matthew Glave as Deputy Jonathan Tucker

Family factor: Winston and Sally fix fellow Marshal Jonathan Tucker up with a lobbyist friend of hers, although Winston keeps telling everyone it was not his idea. In the end, Tucker reunites with his former federal prosecutor girlfriend. The last scene is of Sally and Winston listening to the jilted lobbyist ramble on with Sally assuring her Winston knows lots of single men.Note: In this episode Patricia Harras is billed as Patti Harras. It is also the first time the character is billed as Sally MacBride, rather than Mrs. MacBride.

6) Pass the Gemelli

MacBride and Felton investigate a cyber hacker targeting Bitbank. Complication arise when the hacker targets MacBride and his family.

Guest stars: Lisa Jane Persky as Felton

Family factor: The first scenes are inter-cut with the MacBrides all wearing party hats as the girls open a new computer. (It’s Katie’s 9th birthday) Winston tries to figure things out while Sally falls asleep on the sofa. Sally calls Winston a few times – when their bank account is wiped out, their phone is cut off, etc. Winston asks Sally to get herself and the girls out of town when their lives are threatened. The last scene has Winston overreacting to cyber crime an saying he’s going to take the computer back. Sally tells him emphatically they will keep the computer.Note In this episode Patricia Harras is again billed as Patti Harras.

7) The Show

MacBride babysits a baseball player awaiting trial for drug trafficking.

Guest stars: John Novak

Family factor: An early scene has Winston fixing the kitchen sink, as his daughter, Katie, talks about baseball scores and percentages. Later he gets the player’s autograph and talks about how Sally had Katie work on baseball box score stats to help her with math and Katie became a huge fan of baseball.

8) Love is Strange

Strange MacBride tracks a reformed arsonist who has jumped parole. He is assisted by a postal inspector, who is pursuing the woman the parole had been corresponding with.

Family factor: Winston tells Sally over the phone that he won’t attend his high school reunion unless she goes with him.

9) Kissing Cousins

MacBride helps fellow Marshal Lisa Bishop, who has been falsely accused of bribery.

Family factor: The first scene is of Winston and Sally at their daughter Katie’s basketball game. Last scene is with Winston, Sally, and Lisa watching their kids play basketball in the driveway.Note: With this episode TPTB – for some inexplicable and indefensible reason – recast the role of Sally MacBride. Dey Young, though an adequate actress, had absolutely zero chemistry with Jeff Fahey.

10) ’65-’95

MacBride in under orders to arrest a former police officer for a 30-year-old murder.

Family factor: none

11) These Foolish Things

MacBride tracks a murderer who escaped from prison to marry his underage girlfriend, who’s escaped from juvenile hall.

Guest stars: Brittany Murphy as Lizzie Roth, Elizabeth Ruscio as Sarah Steenburgen

Family factor: Winston and Sally endure a lot of slides from their friend’s vacation on a nudist holiday. The friends accuse him of not being very romantic as he gave Sally new kitchen cabinets for their 9th wedding anniversary. The final scene has Sally coming home late to find flowers taped to the front door. She then discovers Winston in the back yard, dressed in tuxedo, with a piano player to serenade them as they dance. One can only imagine how great these scenes would have been had Patricia Harras played them.Note: Although there is no mention of them having moved, the MacBrides have a different house in this episode. The living room and kitchen have a different layout and the kitchen cabinets are not the ones we saw during the rest of the series.

12) Time Off for Clever Behavior

MacBride tracks a prisoner who escaped during an appearance on a late-night talk show, with help from the prison rabbi.

Family factor: The first scene shows Winston watching late night TV on the sofa with a sleeping Molly. The final scene has Katie and Molly dabbing him with calamine lotion, as he has caught their chicken pox.

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